Software Pembuat Subtitle Aigisub

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Software Pembuat Subtitle Aigisub

imageSoftware Pembuat Subtitle Aigisub - Aplikasi Pembuat Subtitle, Siapa yang punya tugas sekolah membuat subbtilte? hehe, mungkin hanya saya ya, kali ini saya akan berbagi software untuk membuat subbtitle dengan kreasi dan imajinasi kalian sendiri. Silahkan menikmati.

· Fonts collector to collect all fonts used in a script into a folder 
· Opening of videos via Avisynth for true preview of subtitles using VSFilter, in any format supported by DirectShow 
· Aspect ratio overriding for anamorphic videos 
· Variable Frame Rate videos via timecodes file (v1 and v2), including exporting processed times for hardsubbing 
· Display of video coordinates under mouse and simple auto positioning support 
· Audio mode which allows you to open files in any format that your DirectShow can decode, including Wave, mp3, Ogg Vorbis, AAC, AC3 and others 
· Powerful audio timing and playback mode, including full support for karaoke manipulation 
· Functions and hotkeys easily synchronizing audio/video and subtitles
· Time shifting and manipulation by timestamps or frame numbers (once video or timecodes are loaded) 
· Advanced find and replace with support for Regular Expressions 
continuous or recombining double lines after OCR 
· Highlighting of subtitles that are visible on current video frame, and a button to select those 
· Preview subtitle changes imediately by pressing Ctrl+Enter 
· Shortcut buttons to set text as bold, italic, underline, strikeout, change font or any of the 4 colors 
· Extensive manual with detailed instructions and tutorials for typesetting and program usage

Silahkan Download Aegisub 2.1.8 Disini 
Download Aegisub 3.02 
Buat Yang Butuh Tutorialnya Bisa Di Download Disini: 
Download Tutorial Aegisub

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